Quantifying the sustainability of financial investments globally.


There is an ever increasing demand for sustainability within financial services. Customers are choosing – and leaving – banks and pension funds based on the level of sustainability in the investments made on their behalf. Companies that contribute positively to the development of society are in high demand and both banks and customers are in need for a simple and credible way to determine the real sustainable impact of investments on a large scale.


Driven by our own visions and a clear market opportunity, we decided to create a digital risk and decision-making tool that could analyze both the sustainability of financial companies’ investments and the quality of sustainability communication to the outside world. InDegree combines traditional sustainability counseling and solid data made up of millions and millions of data points. InDegree identifies, quantifies, and ranks the gaps and differences between the propositions for a brand in terms of sustainability and its actual actions and compares the score to other players in the financial sector.


By putting actual numbers on sustainability InDegree helps leaders in the financial industry navigate and decipher sustainability between risk, potential, and impact.
Financial companies can use the results provided by InDegree to reduce risks, as well as for strategic positioning around sustainability. Finding out if financial companies’ investments are coherent with their own UN SDG-related goals is a potential game changer for both banks and customers all across the world. Launch TBD.

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