Sustainable development integrated in your vision

Making ambitious and realistic vision statements and a supporting strategy aligned with the future standards and requirements for sustainability and your excisisting vision, is crucial in the future. We help you frame goals and standards for your sustainable business and to co-create a vision and a strategy which can help you achieve these goals. This will provide you with a great tool for communicating your new path to stakeholders, align employees, recruit new employees and position your company on the market. Furthermore it will set the standards for all new product development.

What we do

  • Establish concrete targets for sustainability.
  • Originate your vision for sustainable development.
  • Create your strategy for sustainable development.
  • Select relevant SDGs as an integral part of the vision.
  • Produce a visual, shareable and action oriented report with summarized content.
  • Provide a space to pause, remove your team from routines to reflect and evaluate.
  • Distribute pdf with the course tools.

Do you want a good foundation for developing new, relevant value creation? Pair this service with our MAP services here.

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