What we do

We help build the most sustainable business ideas on the market.

For a decade we’ve worked as a sustainable idea factory using data, business strategy, and our extensive expertise in sustainability to turn sustainable ideas into reality. Putting our clients’ good intentions into action.

At KnowledgeWorker, we develop and invest in sustainable business ideas in relation to our main business areas – innovation and growth.


Let’s invest in you.
If you have an idea for a project that contributes to a sustainable future we partner up with you in order to make your idea fly. We bring solid expertise, a wide industry network, and help your project get the necessary financial coverage. Either by investing in your idea directly or by assisting you in getting funding.


If your company has a sustainability oriented destination, we make sure you reach it.
We are skilled entrepreneurial project workers and we can assist you in discovering the potential of your own company, or help you in further developing the ideas you already have. We offer idea development and business design and we can also provide assistance in change management if you wish to initiate a change process within sustainability.


We put your good
intentions into action

Among many other projects, we have combined our expertise within business design, digital technology, and sustainability to bring a more sustainable form of transportation to the Danish market.

Today they are Scandinavia’s largest sharing economy company.
Need more proof? Head over to our projects.

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