Accelerating a sustainable idea.



GoMore came to us with a simple – but very ambitious – challenge; how do we create a
more sustainable form of transportation? CO2 emissions from fossil fuels are one of the biggest burdens on the environment and account for a third of total CO2 emissions. On average, car owners only use their car 1-2 hours a day and studies show that a single car can replace 7-10 cars on the roads.


In 2013, we partnered up with GoMore to create a sharing economy platform that would make private car rental between private individuals easily accessible. Using digital technology, the car-sharing concept, GoMore, would reduce waste and help promote a greener transformation in the transport sector. We were involved from the idea phase, to handling legal barriers and creating a sustainable business model to implementation and marketing of the final platform.


Our expertise in fundraising led to a grant of DKK 1.3 million from the Danish Business Authority’s Fund for Green Business Development and the project itself created a positive change in the average consumer’s mindset regarding the sharing of economy and multiplied both GoMore’s customer base and their pool of cars available for sharing. Since then, GoMore has reduced CO2 emissions from fossil fuels with more than 1200 tons. Today, GoMore is Denmark’s largest platform for carpooling and Scandinavia’s largest sharing economy company with more than 100 employees distributed in five countries.


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