Frederiksberg Kommune

Equipped for the precarization of the labor market.

Frederiksberg Kommune


The precarization of the labor market is one of the most debated concepts in labor market research in recent years. Ever since KnowledgeWorker was founded, the future development and organization of the labour market has been something we have worked with actively. Throughout the years, we have gained extensive experience in working with employment, organization, and the relationship between employer and employee for organizations such as Københavns Kommune, Dansk Magisterforening, and Frederiksberg Akademikercenter. Frederiksberg Akademikercenter (job center for academics) came to us for help preparing a number of newly graduated academics for the job market.


For Frederiksberg Akademikercenter, the key challenge in securing the newly graduated academics jobs was the lack of practical experience, which is often the most important demand of employers. In order to bring the academics up to speed with the demands of employers, we matched the graduates with companies that needed help with specific fundraising projects.


The new graduates were upgraded with concrete work experience that corresponded to the actual needs of the labor market and thereby strengthened their job opportunities.

Frederiksberg Kommune

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