Teaching sustainability to the new generation.



Passing knowledge about sustainability on to the next generation is a vital step in ensuring the continuous momentum in creating future solutions to global challenges.
Årstiderne was in need of a teaching material that could engage school students ages 7-12 in learning about food production and its relationship to nature’s cycle. Furthermore, they wanted to teach the students how to grow their own organic crops on a small scale.


We created digital teaching materials based on the teaching philosophy that is used in Årstiderne’s ‘Haver til Maver’ (‘From Gardens to Stomachs’) school gardens. This philosophy uses a different language and imagery than traditional teaching, which means that the children’s curiosity is met and activated in favor of understanding the topics and the complex mechanisms inherent in food production.


The material communicated the interaction and complexity of nature in a present and easily understandable way and ensured Årstiderne closer collaboration with schools, more visits to their school gardens, and a greater degree of awareness within the target group.

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