Coop impact calculator

A nudging tool for a more climate friendly way of shopping.

Coop Klimaberegner


Danish consumers are increasingly aware of their own climate impact and want to be able to act as sustainably as possible – also when shopping for everyday groceries. The supermarket chain Coop wanted to help their customers in their endeavors to make more climate friendly choices and do this in a clear and simple manner without lecturing.


We helped build a CO2 calculator that shows each individual consumer their climate footprint.
The tool measures the climate footprint of all goods bought across Coop’s more than 1200 supermarkets in Denmark. The climate footprint app was integrated in Coop’s existing app, making it possible for users to get a quick and simple overview of their own shopping habits. By being able to track one’s own climate footprint over time and compare this to the average Coop consumer’s results, an element of competition was integrated that nudges each consumer to aim for a better result with every purchase.


By educating and gently nudging 1.8 million app users to make more climate friendly choices when shopping, Coop’s climate footprint app has the potential to make a real impact. Besides positive media coverage of the new tool, the tool has enabled Coop to make sustainability a part of everyday life. Additionally, they have been able to meet their customers’ demand for overview of their own environmental impact of their consumption habits.

Coop Klimaberegner

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