Boldklubben Frem

Building a sustainable business model.

Boldklubben Frem


In the world of sports, there has been a counter-movement away from the notion that sports is (only) about money and in clubs we are seeing an increasing focus on social life and cultural anchoring. The football club BK Frem had been through a turbulent time due to short-term investments by investors that prioritized quick gains. Therefore, BK Frem asked us to develop a sustainable business model for their professional football club.


Together with the board and key stakeholders, we developed a cooperative framework for the club that would ensure external funding while keeping the fan base’s influence on the club’s development intact. By establishing a professional cooperative superstructure on the club our solution created the foundation for stability and security for the club in both the short and long run.


Cooperative organization ensures a sustainable foundation for the club, which will enable BK Frem to maintain its local anchoring in the area of Valby/Sydhavnen that has a strong focus on values such as solidarity and social responsibility. The new cooperative business model is currently in the process of being implemented.

Boldklubben Frem
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